The first big move


It’s been a busy few weeks for both our construction workers and our staff. In the past week, we moved most of the adult print and audio-visual shelves (for the first time. All of the shelves will be moving a few more times over the next 11 months.) Unfortunately, our Quiet Zone has been relocated to the main floor. Please stop and ask a staff member for help to find the items you want. We are happy to help! 

Now that the shelving has been moved, work will begin on the lights and ceiling panels near the back wall. This is to prepare the ceiling for more support to be added. Once that is in place, demolition of the back wall will begin.

The Library was closed for the morning of Tuesday, April 23 while new electrical panels were installed. Behind the scenes, there has been concrete cutting, plumbing work in the public, new family and staff restrooms and interior framing of offices and doorways.