Bye-bye, brick wall!


Our quest to introduce more natural light to the Library took a dramatic step forward last week! Behind the temporary wall and the support features, workers began dismantling the brick back wall. Support structures will be installed as the brick is removed, and then the beautiful glass windows will be installed. A temporary gravel road has been added on the side of the building for trucks to get around the building while preserving the landscaping. 

We had several other accomplishments over the past week:

  • The electrical underground inspection was conducted last Friday. Prep and pouring of concrete infills for electrical is up next.
  • Framing in the staff areas and bathrooms is complete. A framing inspection is scheduled for this week, followed by blocking and insulation and an insulation inspection.
  • Window glass was reviewed to match tints in areas where some windows need to be replaced due to broken seals.
  • Millwork and finishes for the Circulation Desk, Staff Room and Lobby restrooms were reviewed and approved