Reading Patch Club

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School-aged readers in grades kindergarten and up are invited to join the Reading Patch Club. Each month members of the Club may request one new booklog featuring a certain type of book such as mystery, fantasy, or science fiction.  A different category will be highlighted each month.  Readers may select the highlighted booklog or a previous one they have not yet chosen.  When they have finished reading the required number of books and completed the accompanying Patch Club activity, members may bring their booklog and membership card to the Youth Services Desk to receive their patch! 

The books chosen must fit the category listed on the booklog and should be appropriate for the child's reading level. Booklists are provided below. The Youth Services Staff is happy to assist readers in finding additional books that meet these requirements. Signup to receive a copy of the booklist in your email every month.

Available patches
Adventure Humor
Around the World New Books
Audio Books Poetry
Award Winners Read Together
Biography Realistic Fiction
Birthday Scary Stories
Dinosaurs School Stories
Exploration Science Fiction
Fantasy Science and Invention
Favorite Authors Short Stories
Folktales Sports
General Reading Star Reader
Historical Fiction Superheroes
Hug a Book
(Love & Friendship)
Timeless Tales
U.S. History
January New Books
February Short Stories
March Animals
April Fantasy (Dragon)
May Sports
June Adventure
July Historical Fiction
August Timeless Tales
September Realistic Fiction
October Science and Invention
November Read Together
December Biography
January Humor
February Hug a Book
March Award Winners
April Poetry
May Dinosaurs
June Superheroes
July Exploration
August School Stories
September Around the World
October Scary
November Folk Tales
December Favorite Author


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