Borrowing Privileges Policy

Effective July 22, 2010

Borrower's cards are issued to Carol Stream residents and taxpayers, at no charge, upon presentation of a signed application, a photo ID, and proof of current address. Identification must include a government or school issued photo I.D. and proof of residency must supply both the name and current address of the applicant. Any child, age 3 through 17 years, may have an individual borrower's card. A parent or legal guardian must sign the child's application and supply the required proof of residency in person. Non-residents may enjoy full library privileges upon the payment of a fee which is based on property valuation.

All patrons under 18 years of age must have parental permission on file before checking out DVDs or videocassettes or using Internet computers.

When materials are lost or damaged beyond rebinding or repair, the patron is charged the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee as detailed on the Circulation Polices page.  These fees are non-refundable.   

When total charges reach $10.00, a patron’s borrowing privileges are blocked. (See the Circulation Policies page for loan periods and corresponding charges.) When accrued overdue fines for items still checked out reach $10.00, a patron’s borrowing privileges are blocked. When a juvenile account reaches $10 in charges the borrowing privileges of the responsible party are also blocked.

When $25.00 or more is owed to the Library the patron’s account is referred to a materials recovery service. If necessary, unresolved accounts will be credit reported. Unresolved charges on juvenile accounts will be transferred to the responsible party’s account for credit reporting. A billing fee of $10.00 is also assessed on all accounts referred to a materials recovery service.

Book drops are available twenty-four hours a day for all Library materials.  During Library hours patrons are asked to return all materials inside the Library.

Patrons may request that items be placed on reserve (on hold) for them either in person, by telephone, or through the Library’s online catalog. The maximum number of holds allowed per card holder is 25.

  Items that are not available at the Carol Stream Public Library may be requested from other libraries.  Patrons will be notified when items are available for pick up at the Carol Stream Public Library. Any fees charged by the loaning library will be passed on to the patron. Interlibrary loans are available for Carol Stream card holders only.

  Carol Stream card holders may borrow books from any library in the State of Illinois that participates in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program.  Reciprocal borrowing privileges are available to patrons in good standing.

Aditional Library use policies that you should be aware of:
(Available at the Circulation Desk and the Library web site):

  • Public Use of the Internet
  • Standards for Public Behavior
  • Meeting Room Policy