Affordable Care Act

About the Law:
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Key features of Affordable Care Act

"The New Health Care Law and You," a 22-page brochure outlining options and sources of more information prepared by members of the Institute of Medicine's Health Literacy Roundtable. (PDF, May 1, 2013)

Health Insurance Marketplace launches October 1:

Health Insurance Marketplace, website provides access to valuable resources that help to explain the application process, and how to get additional assistance. The site is also available in Spanish, at

Basic information that patrons will need to have to apply for coverage is detailed in the following checklist:


The State of Illinois has been implementing the changes required by this health law to provide affordable and quality care for all Illinois residents.

State of Illinois website
Illinois Health Matters, a collaboration of state health policy and community based organizations

DuPage County Health Department:

ACA section of Health Department website:

The DuPage County Health Department received a $1 million grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health to perform outreach and assist DuPage County residents with enrollment in new health insurance coverage options.  In August 2013, the Health Department announced that it is awarding grants to thirteen DuPage County community partners to collaborate in the Enroll DuPage effort of conducting outreach, education and enrollment in the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace throughout DuPage County.

The following organizations received grants to participate in Enroll DuPage activities:

• DuPage Health Coalition: Access DuPage
• DuPage County Community Services
• DuPage Federation on Human Services
• DuPage Pads
• Hamdard Center for Health & Human Services
• Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry
• Naperville Township
• Outreach Community Ministries
• People's Resource Center
• Walk-In Ministry of Hope
• Xilin Association
• YWCA Metropolitan Chicago